Shower cabin Harma Urban 80x110x210-230cm (4 boxes)


Harma Urban shower cabin brings a modern look and functionality to the bathroom.

  • Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 230 cm;
  • Color: Stylish combination of black and white, suitable for any contemporary bathroom;
  • Quality: Clear safety glass of the cabin and durable aluminum frame ensure longevity and reliability;
  • Functionality: The cabin has several additions, including a hand shower, magnetic seals, high-quality mixer, and overhead shower to provide the best shower experience;
  • Design: A low base gives the cabin an elegant and minimalist appearance;
  • Transport and installation: The product is packed in four boxes for easier transportation and installation.

Enjoy the quality and style of the Harma Urban shower cabin in your bathroom!


Harma’s Urban shower cabin has a height-adjustable shower, faucet, diverter and hand shower. The glass back panel along with the matt black profiles give it an exclusive look.

Additional information
Weight 82 kg
Dimensions 7 × 42 × 186 cm
Pakendi 1 mõõdud

7 x 42 x 186 cm

Pakendi 2 mõõdud

75 x 37.5 x 184 cm

Pakendi 3 mõõdud

87 x 16 x 117 cm

Pakendi 4 mõõdud

87 x 16 x 117 cm

Toote mõõdud

110 x 80 x 230 cm


Black, White


Clear safety glass




Hand shower, Magnetic seals, Mixer, Overhead shower

Shower tray


The number of packages


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