Shower cabin Harma, DK0P3 90x90x237cm; low tray (4 packs)


The Harma DK0P3 shower cabin is an elegant and modern shower solution crafted by Harma experts.

• Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 237 cm
• The cabin’s deep black shade creates a luxurious and contemporary atmosphere in the bathroom
• Glass: clear safety glass ensures safety and transparency
• The aluminum frame provides exceptional strength and durability
• Equipped with premium features: handheld shower, glass shelf, magnetic door locks, high-quality mixer, and overhead shower
• Low base facilitates easy entry and exit
• Cleanable massage nozzles offer an added touch of relaxation and comfort during your shower
• The product is packaged in four parts for ease of transportation and installation.


Harma shower cabin DK0P3 with a low tray and no roof has a height adjustable head shower along with six massage jets, glass shelf, mixer, diverter and hand shower. The glass back panel along with the matt black profiles give it an exclusive look.

Additional information
Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 9 × 41 × 187 cm
Pakendi 1 mõõdud

9 x 41 x 187 cm

Pakendi 2 mõõdud

64 x 4 x 185 cm

Pakendi 3 mõõdud

32 x 11 x 185 cm

Pakendi 4 mõõdud

96 x 17 x 96 cm

Toote mõõdud

90 x 90 x 237 cm




Clear safety glass




Hand shower, Glass shelf, Magnetic seals, Mixer, Overhead shower

Shower tray


The number of packages



Cleanable massage jets

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